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"Younger you had a dream, dont let that little man down"

I came across a video on Tik Tok with this quote and it hit me like a wall.

Most people would feel some thing reading it and think about the dreams they once had, what happened to them, or where did they let it go. I think at one point we all had some thing special we thought we were determined to accomplish, some of us still think thats true, hell some of us believe it whole heartedly. I know i do, I know i personally am destined to create financial freedom for all the family and friends that have at one point sacrificed for me, or provided for me when i couldn't for myself.

That was not what the message that this quote gave me though. It hit me in my heart. I pictured me telling my first son that he could be anything he ever wanted to if he just put his mind to it and worked for it. You know what i pictured this little shit saying back to me? Well why didn't you dad? That hit me so hard. It motivated me and scared me at the same time. I get so excited about the idea of having my first son, and teaching him everything about life and watching him grow. Now one thing my father always taught me was to hold up to my word.

So for this particular phrase i got shook, terrified almost. I have to become everything i ever said i would be, simply for the fact of when i tell my son that he can be/do whatever he wishes in this world as long as he works for it that it is true. That he has an example of it every single day. Anyone who knows me would tell you that i have always known i was bound for success, for greatness, for something special. I honestly believe the only reason i am still alive today is because i have yet to reach it.

So for me it is not all about not letting my first son down, but also showing him that when you say you are going to do some thing that you better do it.No matter what it was, or how impossible just simply be a man of is own word. Even know that if you chase what you want in this life that you will take a different route than your buddies.

When you make it that personal with your self and your life you will instantly change. Your mindset will instantly focus. Think about the things that you want to teach your kids. Do you want them to believe that they can walk on the moon, be that NFL super star, or that princess of the world. Give them a reason why they should believe it, because as we all know there will be plenty of other kids and parents that will tell them they are crazy when they express what they want in life. If you don't accomplish your own dreams how can you possibly fuel theirs. How can you show them when they think the world of you and not even you could fulfill yours?

I don't want to get anyone confused, I am not telling all of you that you have to be rich or a superstar to give your own kid something to believe in. If all you dreamt of was two acres of land with a wrap around porch in the middle of Texas and you got it. Then you are just as good as Jeff Bezos. You had a dream and you made it a reality. Thats what i want the next generation to feel. They are only dreams if you don't work for them.

Personally my dreams are not that simple, for as long as i can remember i told everyone in my school classes that i would be so rich that i would have a yacht with a room filled with so much money in it that i could swim in it. What a jokester i know. But i am serious. I will have that.

It's not all about the money for me, don't get me wrong i love having simple times with friends playing madden, or watching a new movie with my girl. Many don't know though that when me and her first started dating i had to borrow money for our first date. She actually paid for many of our dates the first year. For my friends? I couldn't tell you how many times they opened their doors for me when i had no where else to go. How many times they scraped up some change to buy me lunch, or how many times they woke up early for school to make sure they picked me up so i didn't have to walk.

Now i know that any of these people ever did it because they thought one day i would be able to repay them, and they were simply just being good friends. We don't have enough of those people, but i remember when i told each of them that i would pay them back ten fold. So for me i wanna be rich to buy them that Mercedes i promised, and travel the world together to create real memories because life isn't all about working. For me though i just never want to be told i cant do something because i don't have the money. It is simply just a limitation for me that i want to hold me back.

I refuse to let my little man down, my girl and my brothers. One day we will all sit there and laugh at the young mistakes we made and have our "little mini me's" running around having the world at the palm of their hands just like their parents did. Whenever they ask me for something and i don't have to say " i don't have the money for that maybe next pay check" like my parents have before is the day i will smile, laugh and hug my group and tell them all the sacrifices we made were worth it.

I hope you get to enjoy that fulfillment in your life once as well. Chase whatever your dream is. Even though my parents personally can not look me in the face and honestly believe when they tell me i can do/be anything i want. They did give me one major key that a lot of my peers miss. That is ambition. I have never been afraid to work hard and sacrifice for what i want. I hope that you still know that it is not too late. Become who you wish you'd see in the mirror, chase your dream self like they are sprinting away from you. One day i promise you, you will look back and wont believe that you ever thought it was a dream.

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