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No matter what your dream, idea, or goal is. The most important part is understanding that you have to start. Make the first step, dive in. There will never be a perfect time. My generation has started becoming blind to the fact that major success comes from a major journey. we are so obsessed with becoming viral and instantly being a celebrity or the up and coming entreprenuer that we look over the hard work and dedication that most of them put in.

I see it all the time where someone will talk about an idea they have with bright eyes and their head in the clouds, make one move forward and see it fail and just quit. Of course that gets labeled as a failed business or entreprenuer.

The funny thing is that the ones that failed 10000x but manage to keep going and had that one key moment that changed everything for them gets labeled as a huge success. Most the time raking in millions, but yet they have a losing track record.

Why have we become so obsessed with the instant rewards. Why have we turned away from building something with a solid foundation and scaling it.

Taking two years or ten on your business, learning from every trial and error and continuing to move forward is the closest you will ever get to a guarantee. Take your time dont rush it, this allows you to try everything you want to with out freaking out if it doesnt work. You will find out which ideas were just a spur of the moment and which ones you really love.

With the access to information that we have today there is just simply no reason why you cant start. If you dont have time write out your schedule, look at it in detail and you will find the time. If you dont have the money look at your bank statements and youll find where your extra cash is being wasted. If you dont know where to begin google it. Everyone will tell you what they think is best.

After going through these if you still havent found out how to start then look yourself in the mirror and just accept it. Accept that you dont really want the life of a successful entreprenuer or celebrity. You want the lights, cars, and people screaming your name for a picture. You dont want to sit there alone working on your dreams. At the end of the day thats okay, do what makes you happy. But accept that this life isnt for you. Dont act like it is.

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