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Just like many of you I have been on the grind to figure out which side hustles would work best for me. I refer to it as "for me" simply because in the end that is the goal. I wish for each of these to be creating myself different avenues of income.

Whenever I first started my research I had no idea where to begin, I've always had a great understanding of how money worked and great math skills, but where can I apply these that work for me and not the corporation that is already generating millions in income was the mountain ahead.

It seems like every where you turn someone is trying to sell you a course, or some get rich quick scheme. Guys I get it, I would love to wake up and have Bezos money trust me.

Although I've always felt like I've related with Gary Vee whenever he passionately explains how he loves the process and failure is awesome to him.

Everyone always sees the results of what hard work and dedication can do for you, but as you've heard many times very few are willing to be persistent in getting knocked down and continuing to get up and run back at it.

Here I want to share the uncut version of every endeavor I attempt. I am not a scholar by any means and my highest level of education is a high school diploma. There will be plenty of grammar and spelling issues. sorry, kinda. This will be the real me.

I want you to see my failures, my successes, the cold hard truth of stretching away from the "rat race" or better known as your 9-5. I hope that within this I can inspire you to get out and chase your dreams without limitations or fears of what's to come.

I will be posting tools that helped me as I started each project, what they cost me and if I think they are worth the money.

contact me with any questions you have about my process or maybe you want a second opinion on your own.

Let the games begin. Good luck to all.

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