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I feel as though it's the most over looked asset. Your mindset.

It influences everything you do, as small as what clothes you wore today to the big things such as if you stuck to your new years resolutions. Too many talented and skilled people end up watching others pass them by in their field due to their mindset. Diving into it you'll see that the ones with a stronger mindset although they are less talented became more successful because when they we're confronted with road blocks they took them head on and didn't stop the first time they failed. instead they tried other ways to approach it or let go of their pride and asked for help. Either way it got done.

For me i believe this is the sole reason for my success in anything that i do. If i start something i will learn about it, dissect it and become the best in that field. I believe that it is just that simple. When obstacles come i will work through or around them. I like to say i look at the glass as half full and never half empty.

With this mindset you are always looking for ways to improve, whether that be in your career, fitness, education, or even your social status. Typically looking at some of the more financially successful people in the world they always have a few small things in common. They wake up early, meditate, go the gym and read.

Waking up early or as i like to think of it, preparing for the action, gives you time to plan for the day and set a schedule of what you want to accomplish and by when you want to accomplish them. Sleeping in causes you to already have a late start in the day. It ends up with you speeding through traffic and by the time you get to your first task, the action has already started and now you have to get up to speed, causing you to be unprepared.

Most people have heard this a thousand times and will still choose to sleep in tomorrow. There is no reason why you shouldn't start taking these self improvement steps now. Dive in. Stop being afraid. What could possibly be holding you back? Are you afraid to fail? Worried about what others will think? or maybe it will force you to make sacrifices that you're not sure are worth it now.

I will say that i have had all of these thoughts. Ive been afraid. Ive questioned if it was worth it. Especially if it was worth the sacrifice. I started my career by moving 5 hours away and dedicating myself to work. For the past five years i have missed a ton of social events that all my friends attended in my home town. Although now looking back i am happier than ever that i have made the most out of this time to grow.

If you decide you want to start bettering yourself for yourself you will have to accept that through out most of the process you will be alone. You will be up all night researching while your friends are partying. They wont understand why you are doing it until they see the results. Continuing to progress yourself all by yourself requires a strong motive for your goals, but also creates a very strong mindset. You will be on your own path, most people will not be able to relate to you, and moving forward you will no longer see eye to eye with your friends.

Keep going. Think of a reason why and cling to it. Everyone living a simple life will tell you how your twenties are supposed to be the most exciting and fun times in your life, while the ones living the life you wish you had are saying this is the time to work and better yourself every hour you are awake.

Develop a strong mind and it will carry you through the process. In return you will slowly start doing things that cause people to respect you. You will start being the best dressed because of how you want to present yourself, you will go to the gym to stay in shape, you will read to stay educated.

For me bettering my mindset includes; Listening to motivational podcast daily, looking in the mirror and picturing me in 10 years, thinking of every time i was told no, writing down the things i have achieved already, and comparing myself from five years ago.

All in all step by step, piece by piece you will be building yourself one block at a time, into a presentable, intelligent, fearless and driven entrepreneur with the world in your hands.

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