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AMAZON FBA volume 3

After many attempts i was finally able to get my Jungle Scout to link with my amazon. Which got me super excited to create my listing and get these products on the market. Luckily i currently have a very successful career that allowed me to be over zealous about my new products for amazon and get them super discounted.

I ordered 1,000 units. hahaha lets go! No idea where they will fit in my house when they first arrive, but hey were making progress right? I also was able to create my listing and have everything ready for when they arrive, at least i thought. A huge internal battle i have been having is do i want to use these to create a brand or do i want to just sell and make some side money? With that being said if i am wishing to build a brand then i need another website right? maybe new packaging with a new logo? What if i even put my logo on the products? Lol i had to have a "come to Jesus" meeting with myself and just stick to the process, find a product that works, get it automated and start all over again.

Of course i want to private label and have products that everyone loves. First i have to learn with a few try products how the process really flows with amazon. Is this a pay to play? Is it all about customer satisfaction? These are just a few things i believe that you will never truly know until you follow the process and dive in. So here i am a 1,000 units from good ole China straight to my doorstep.

I think the most difficult part that i have gone through so far was picking a product, How are we supposed to know what consumers will love? after many of 2 a.m nights of looking on Alibaba and reading blogs, I found a product that was selling great on Etsy, had a niche and was not listed on Amazon. Sounds like a winner right?

We will find out when they arrive next week, which leads me to the next part in the process.

Getting a great listing, purchasing UPCs and getting the product to an Amazon ware house.

I have successfully received a UPC for all 12 variations of my product. As far as the listing goes i really relied on Jungle Scouts listing tools. They have a really put together template that makes sure you are giving the customer just enough information without over crowding the post and maximizing your key words. Honorable mention would be Googles ad classes. If you were thinking about getting into Ecommerce i would highly recommend you going over there and taking EVERY class. Just one certificate done and I have personally learned so so much about this space. I never would have thought there was so much to it.

Now i really am not sure how to get these packaged correctly for Amazon strictly due to my own ignorance because i really do not like the lay out of the seller university. It give off text book vibes and anyone who knows me knows that i am NOT a fan of school. I hope that eventually they make it more user friendly. Luckily we are in the world of technology where i am sure there is a you tube video that will give me a step by step guide or another blog of an experienced Amazon seller that will lay it all out simply.

I am excited to get this boat going i feel as if i am almost at the point of no return, for me thats the greatest place. The fact that you cant turn back, you have to find a way or count it all as loss, and man i HATE losing.

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