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With great surprise starting this sellers account has been nothing but delay after delay. Im shocked that a market place of its size and reputation is so difficult to set up. After creating my sellers account and paying my $40 a month to sell on their market they needed to verify my physical address, although i was not a fan of waiting i understood. After a few days passed i walked in from work today and to my surprise the verification card was sitting on the counter. Man i was stoked. Ran straight to my computer and started plugging everything in as it was the last thing i needed. SIIIIKKKEE. After verifying my address all the sudden now my ID and bank statement had problems. They were okay just a few days ago. I ended up loading the same images of the documents i did in days past and this is where it gets frustrating. After loading the same exact pictures now only one document is a problem. So me being impatient and of course frustrated i just send them the same pictures again. NOW ITS THE OTHER DOCUMENT.


Furious i just wanted to throw away all my research on it and start digging into SHOPIFY or ETSY.

( insert 30 minute cod break )

After taking out my frustrations on the poor thirteen year olds on call of duty i decide i am going to run this back one more time.

Miraculously the same images i have been sending in all night are perfectly acceptable for Amazons standards and i get to finally access the market place. All is good. Smile on my face ear to ear baby. The only thing left to do is integrate my Jungle Scout DMS to my Amazon seller account.

and here we go again.... following the step by step instructions i keep getting a success message but yet the results were very unsuccessful. I have no access to any of my Jungle Scout tools. After about an hour of reading through both sites forums and of course reddit i have yet to find any solutions. Looks like ill see you tomorrow Amazon congrats on very successfully taking up 3 hours of my time.

But do not think as soon as Amazon can get their stuff together that i wont have them making me some money. Ill see you hustlers as soon as this gets resolved!

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