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Updated: Apr 30, 2021

after many many many hours of research I keep coming to this one to start. You guessed it am starting the journey with an Amazon FBA account, it seems like a promising and laxed way to run an online business with out a lot of the hands on business work.

First, it seems very confusing digging through all the actual testimonies of FBA users and who's using it versus who is trying to sell you a paid service for e-commerce accounts.

I read alot of different forums before deciding to jump in. The one that supplied me the most knowledge and made me feel the most comfortable was the post by start up bros.

They broke down everything that you will need to know from selecting a store name to finding suppliers. With that being said they also recommended Jungle Scout as a DMS. I went ahead and paid for the service, not knowing that before you can sell products on amazon they must verify your address first. This process takes 6-8 days to complete, Luckily this gives me time to play with Jungle Scout and compare which products I think I would succeed with via amazon.

Seems like this market place has gotten crowded in the previous years. Also Amazon has started to conquer the electronics market with their own products. If you are interested in this I would suggest going with a particular niche or selling your own product. They also have many other fees other then your $40 FBA monthly fulfillment fee.

You need to be looking at a product you can buy in bulk for %75 less then the retail price. The awesome thing about Jungle scout is they calculate all this for you and also calculate the product demand vs the product supply. which can help you find a market that isn't being satisfied.

This week I will finding a product I want to start with as well as focusing on some other side hustles on my list until my address has been verified, I will update you all whenever I list my first product.

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